What is transcreation?

A brand is a lot about the emotions it provokes. This is why any advertising is based on a marketing strategy.

But how can it be communicated in different countries? How will German speakers respond emotionally to a brand in the same way as English speakers? In the way you want them to respond?

Just having your copy translated may not reach far enough – something might still get lost on the way.

After all, your claim, your copy, your text might just not work in German…

It is about getting the balance right: starting all over again, having a separate agency for the German market might be going too far and you may also want to make sure the message is consistent with the English and the idea does not get lost on the way.

How about this then: a translator, copywriter and cultural advisor in one person?

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describes the process of

translating a text from one language to another (English to German)


re-creating and culturally adapting its essence in the target language (German) according to the creative brief.

Who needs transcreation?

If you want your copy to represent your brand it should be transcreated and not simply translated.

Cultural references, text including puns and humour – a quality transcreative adaptation takes it all into consideration. The result is a copy which does not read like a translation.

Instead, it is your German copy speaking for your brand.

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